Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jovi Prado-Linga, a high school classmate of mine, had been looking at me from a distance, wondering what on earth was I doing along these corridors of our office building.

As she was still busy talking on her phone, Jovi Prado-Linga couldn't come near me to poke me from my deep immersion over my cell phone.

When she finally came off her phone, she approached me and asked me what had I been up to snickering all by myself over my phone. I told her that I was updating with our other high school classmates on Facebook, and currently, Ruel (Makati), Joe (Houston), Remia (L.A.), Winnie (Kuwait), and Antoinette (Laguna) were exchanging comments about the Ilonggo/Filipino food I have posted yesterday, and everybody agreed that they miss this home cooking so much.

Then suddenly I had an idea: since Jovi Prado-Linga is familiar with everybody else, I asked that we have our picture taken so that I could upload it, blog about it, and post it on Facebook, for all our other classmates to see.

Apparently she likes the idea so much that she kept on giggling as we were having our little impromptu pictorial, both of us admittedly not having combed our hair, powdered, and were perspiring from the afternoon heat!

But I think these minor discomforts did not show as our smiles beamed through.

Imagine a tough bank manager doing credit investigation in the hallowed hall of justice taking a break and being like it was high school days again.

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