Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Three Girls

I believe in the biblical wisdom that says, "true religion is looking after the widows and the fatherless."

Although their mother is not a widow in the real sense, her husband abandoned her with seven children to feed. Perhaps, as a matter of practical survival, she had to have another partner in life to carry on rearing her children.

Her three eldest children, Janice (14), Jo-an (13), and Joylyn (12), started working as domestic helpers since they were around 12 years old.

They used to work for my two aunts and my mother, but, as their fates may have it, they all are now in my home not as domestic helpers but as students, all currently enrolled at Efigenio-Enrica Lizares Elementary School in Talisay City in Grades 4 and 2 respectively.

They will be taking the Department of Education's PEPT acceleration program so that hopefully they will be promoted to a higher level of learning.

I believe that, more than anything else, education is still the only way out of poverty. And they being still practically children, also deserve the enjoyment of being children.

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