Saturday, November 7, 2009

Star City, Manila!

Star City is every child's destination in Manila. It is located along Roxas Boulevard near giant landmarks such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Aliw Theater.

Bea and I tried exploring the place on our own on foot, and found out that it is actually farther than in the map, so we took a taxi that unfortunately conked out on us, forcing us to walk the remaining kilometer or so.

We paid the PhP250 ride-all-you-can entrance fee, and started trying the themed chambers such as the Peter Pan adventure room.

I enjoyed the flight simulation so much, the black wrought iron railings looked almost invisible against a black sky made me feel like Wendy flying along with Peter. I loved it so much that we re-entered the room again just to experience the thrill of night flight.

However, Bea gives a two thumbs down for the Pinoy themed horror house.

And we wasted so much time at the Peter Pan room that we just breezed through the Egyptian tombs.

Star City also has classic rides such as these rotating floaters, the boat version of bump cars.

I will never, ever ride this Viking Ship again! And in the future, if ever, a roller coaster. It gave a little consolation that, at the last minute, I decided to sit beside Bea who chose to sit on one end of the giant pendulum of a boat suspended in midair. We ended up panicking and terror-stricken in the middle of the horror ride, practically begging the operator to let us off but instead he made it even swing a little faster we almost swooned in our drool.

Recovering from our daze, Bea wanted to try wall climbing, a prize awaited at the top if she could climb it within a time limit...

... but she made it only up to this level, and went back down on the rapel.

The classic merry-go-round was most comforting we rode on it twice.

There were other rides and throws that made us crazy just figuring out how to win the ultra big and cute stuffed toys that I forgot to snap some pictures, or maybe my battery went low already.

But the memories will always remain, our fun memories of Star City.

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