Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where to Find Firecrackers in Bacolod City

After a crackdown of illegally sold firecrackers by the local police, there's only one place to find firecrackers in Bacolod City -- at the Reclamation Area.

No wonder I couldn't find them a few days ago as I was scrounging downtown Bacolod's sidewalks for New Year trumpets and other noisy gadgets for the revelry.

And so I found this bustling alley of all sorts of pyrotechnics vigilantly guarded by armed policemen in uniforms to enforce a no smoking policy on the premises.

There you can find a wide assortment of fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers that suit your fancy. I ignored the big scary ones and settled for the small ones for the kids. PhP200 for a bagful of sparklers, pap pop, piccolo, mini missiles, rainbow lucis... not bad.


  1. What about those pyrotechnics and fireworks sold at Robs and Gaisano City? Wala na subong?

  2. hi ms.ray,

    hay, wala na ko kavisit at these places kay very very matraffic and when i was at sm, i forgot to find out if they have because my mind was already set to go to the nearby fireworks alley opposite of manokan country. ;-)


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