Thursday, October 15, 2009

Use of Props in Your Speech

These are the things I have accomplished as an Advanced Toastmaster-Silver in our Club.

A prop is an object that adds impact to your speech. The purpose is to:

  1. Emphasize your message, dramatize your point & help the audience to remember your message.

  2. Add visual interest.

  3. Focus attention.

The right prop must be:

  1. Appropriate to the message – must be relevant to the presentation’s theme.

  2. Appropriate to the audience – consider the audience’s interests, experience, and sophistication.

  3. Appropriate to the occasion – is it a formal awards dinner or a children’s party?

  4. Enhancing, not overpowering, the message – make sure your point is remembered, not just your props.

  5. Clearly visible – small audience, small prop; large audience, large prop.

  6. Used with confidence – appear confident so that your audience will think you are confident.

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