Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's the Color of Your Money?

The Philippine Pesos is color-coded in festive Filipino colors. You can tell how much Philippine Pesos one is holding from just the looks of it.

Philippine Peso bills start with the candy orange P20 bill. In the old days when the dollar is not a whopping PhP47 in present times, there used to be cool blue P2 and green P5 bills. These lower denominations are now in coin form, and the coins alone have had many interesting design revisions (and cost more than it's worth) as the Philippine Peso continue to crumble to coins over the years.

It's a good thing I that found one of those phased out green Philippine Pesos representing P5 stashed in my wallet.

The largest denomination so far is the blue P1,000 bill preceded only by the yellow P500 bill, which will soon include the late former President Corazon Aquino's portrait side by side her husband's on the yellow bill.

These days, a P1,000 bill can only get you a regular bagful of groceries, which is still not bad, considering that these blue Philippine Pesos are not that easy to acquire especially by those living in poverty. To them, this can already mean a fortune or a month's wage.

Which is why there was this ad I saw on the internet confidently announcing that, with only $1,000 a month or roughly P47,000, one can already comfortably retire in this side of paradise with sufficiently stashed colorful Philippine Pesos.

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