Thursday, October 8, 2009

All I Want For Christmas 2009

All my life I dreamed of a solid family. That's my number one item on my christmas wish list. Unfortunately, my husband had other plans and now he ran away without a trace. He's probably off racing towards his Great American Dream.

So I'm done with wishing for things money can't buy. For now I can't buy anything except the basics due to the sudden flight of my husband and the financial blows hurting my pocket aside from my heart.

Out with my futile romantic musings, I'm getting practical these days. All I want for christmas 2009 and the christmases to come are material things I can no longer buy. And I need them for my blogging (and, as of December 2009):

1. A really good camera (got me a Nokia Expressmusic, not really a good camera, but not that bad either);

2. An i-Pphone for mobile blogging (Nokia Expressmusic per daughter's insistence, i-Phone has no zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities);

3. A more powerful computer for digital photo and video editing (almost, almost);

4. A macbook so that me and my daughter would not be fighting over this notebook (very far out);

5. A dog to watch over us at night and his food supply (there's Troy, but I'd like to have another one);

6. A secondhand car I can call my own (my husband had the guts to drive us in an unregistered car which is now left under my risk) preferably a pickup or delivery van or truck for transporting my paintings and other stuff (not so clear yet);

7. Water supply restored (my husband left me in an embarrassing situation that made me and my family waterless) (done!);

8. A pedicab (bicycle with sidecar) as service vehicle for transporting water from my dad's house to my house and to service my three adopted former street children to the local public school they're currently attending (cancelled, because of granted wish #7);

9. Painting materials (for my other passion) (granted!);

10. Scholarship sponsorship for my daughter and three adopted former street children (not yet);

11. A well-deserved vacation and shopping spree for me and all my children (still hoping);

12. A big-time pampering at the spa for my tired mind and body (trying to find time for it);

13. A new career and a new life anywhere but in this place I used to call Paradise (I still wish);

14. A magicsing videoke microphone because I just loooove to sing my blues away (maybe, just maybe!);

15. A watch (I forgot I had this wish, what about jewelry instead?).

As they say, keep on thinking positive thoughts and the Law of Attraction will conspire to make my wish list come true.

So be it!

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