Thursday, October 8, 2009

How's My Driving? (Philippine Driving)

How's my driving? This sign is often seen at the back of all public utility vehicles in the Philippines as a mandatory requirement. Which makes Philippine driving all the more obvious: that there is always something to complain about Philippine driving.

One American friend described Philippine traffic as "controlled chaos". It made me think about our Philippine driving, as more often we tend to disregard things that we're so used all our lives.

Driving on a Philippine national highway from home to work and back, I can't help getting annoyed by Filipino drivers with the need for speed. They all seem to want to drive on the fast lane, even if their vehicles are pedicabs, tricycles, motorcycles, delivery vans, cargo trucks, dilapidated vehicles and other slow-moving modes of transportation.

So that you will find all slow moving vehicles rolling along on the fast lane, while the faster vehicles overtake on the slow lane. It all makes an upside down sense: slow vehicle, fast lane; fast vehicle, slow lane.

Only in the Philippines. The contact numbers that are printed along with the "How's my driving" sign? Some of the cell phone numbers are already inactive and it's really no use arguing with some low life who should not be on the road in the first place, annoy other motorists with their driving, and then ask, "How's my driving?"


  1. Hahaha! I love this article, Joanie! :)
    But you know once you get used to driving in Philippines, driving in other countries (Ex. Japan) with strict traffic rules and well disciplined and educated drivers (because you'll pay huge fine if you break them rules!), it's boring! You'll get into accident by falling asleep not by being hit by another car! :D :P

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  3. lol! i have a follow up article about philippine driving:


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