Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I Don't Like Having Too Many Bags

Unlike my mother, I am not a bag or a shoe freak. I just like having one reliable bag for its entire lifetime, and so with an all-occasion footwear (make that one flat and one heeled for the shoe).

First, I don't like transferring all my everyday stuff from one bag to another just because this bag is the right match for my outfit. For me, it's just a tote for my daily essentials and not part of my getup.

Second, I would rather have one fairly expensive bag than having too many fakes. But since I could not afford such a luxury, I would rather have an unbranded or handmade but stylish tote.

Third, because I'm fond of stuffing all my important belongings in one bag, just one trusty carry-all is easy to grab in case of emergencies -- cellphone, money, ID's, makeup, hairbrush, keys, bank and credit cards, all there.

And lastly, because they don't look expensive enough, anyone thinking of a quick robbery would not pick my bag first!

There's only one hitch, tough... if my bag gets lost, there goes everything, too...

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