Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I Did Not Pass The Bar, I Think...

Everything has a purpose.

I flunked the bar three times. And I believe each flunk has a purpose because I believe I'm not stupid.

Flunk No. 1: I was stupid. I graduated sometime in March 1996 with my two bestfriends. Grace wanted to take the Bar right after graduation but was afraid to go to Manila on her own so she was begging me to take the exams with her. Christy has decided to defer taking the Bar for another year to prepare herself fully. I was undecided. But I decided to go for it, relying on my batting average that I had never failed in any exam in the past, in fact, I passed my IQ Tests, Aptitude Tests, NCEE, Civil Service Exams, etc. with flying colors. Then in the homestretch of the review, I got married.

Flunk No. 2: I was like stoned when I heard the radio news anchor skipping my name as he read the passers. I knew I was prepared this time, after 9 years, but why? I did not cry. I did not blame God. What was the purpose of this, I simply asked? My officemates rallied for me to give it a consecutive try, this time, with study leave starting June 1. In the afternoon of that day, while I was reviewing my lessons on the computer, a freak flood suddenly erupted from the clogged rain gutter of our house while my daughter and her yaya were frolicking in the rain outside. Realizing the danger of electricity running through the fast rising water, I quickly pulled out all the electric cords and pantingly rushed to the main switch box which seemed like a steep climb. What if it was only Bea and her yaya all wet from the rain rushing into a flooded house with electricity charged waters? I had to be in that house, and the Bar review was the perfect excuse for me to be there.

Flunk No. 3: Finally I was humbled. I was called to serve my church in legal matters. Had I been a full-fledged lawyer, I may not have the time to be called to such a noble service.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

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